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Cake Roll Baking Pan, NonStick Square Swiss Roll Cake Mold, Jelly Roll 28cm

Cake Roll Baking Pan, NonStick Square Swiss Roll Cake Mold, Jelly Roll 28cm

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  • Made of aluminum alloy with a golden non-stick coating.
  • Treated with a golden non-stick coating for easy demoulding, cleaning, and a lifespan of up to 1500 uses.
  • Features a one-piece molding with rounded corner design and seamless welding for sturdiness and durability with no dead corners.
  • **Note:The product may have slight marks on the edge due to the production process, but this does not affect internal use.  **

The Details

-Material: Aluminum Alloy 5052 with PTFE Coating
-Surface Treatment: Non-Stick Coating
-Size: 28 x 28 x 30 cm

Use & Care

1. To use: Clean mold before use with a soft cloth.
2. After use: Remove residue with a soft cloth or plastic scraper. Do not store in damp environment.
3. Do not soak for a long time to avoid degrading the mold's quality.
4. Only use in ovens and avoid temperatures higher than 230°C. Not suitable for microwave ovens, gas stoves, or induction cookers.
5. Do not use sharp metal items, scouring pads, or chemical reagents to clean the mold.
6. Do not leave baked products in the mold for a long time to avoid corrosion or oxidization of the metal material of the coating.
7. Non-stick utensils have a baking temperature lower than 240°C, which can extend their service life. Avoid uneven heating and do not work in an environment with a significant temperature difference, as the non-stick coating may produce small gaps.
8. Baking tray may deform slightly within the first 30-90 days due to metal thermal expansion and contraction. This is normal and will return to normal with use.

Molala Words

1. This is the easiest mold I have ever used to successfully make cake rolls, and it is not prone to cracking or bulging. The price may be a little high, but it's worth it.
2. This is the newest version with rounded corners. Mine in the video is the old version.
3. Use this square baking pan with a baking mat to make a cake roll.


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